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In New Hampshire there is a studio that has been continually in operation longer than any other, and which offers a variety of services like no other: tracking, editing, mixing, mastering, forensic, archival, restoration, ADR, voice-over, audio book, high level multi-track location recording AND offers one of the finest Steinway pianos anywhere.

CedarHouse Sound & Mastering is that rare New England recording studio that offers the best in analogue (2” 24-track), digital (Pro Tools 2018 Ultimate HDX), and mastering (Pyramix 11, Sonic Solutions SoundBlade HD 2.3 and SADiE Artemis. Owned and operated by veteran producer, Gerry Putnam, and his wife, Frances Steven-Putnam, CedarHouse is uniquely equipped from both an experience and facility standpoint. CedarHouse has been operating for over 37 years and has evolved to its current, virtually limitless capability.


CedarHouse is located on a 45-acre, mid-19th century farm, situated between The King Hill Reservation and The Musterfield Farm Museum, just a few miles south of New London and Lake Sunapee. CedarHouse maintains a commitment to state of the art recording tools and provides performance rooms which are open, varied, warm and inviting. There is an abundance of natural light and beautiful views.


CedarHouse is very much dedicated to an atmosphere of creativity and efficiency, where the tools and expertise are subservient to the music. By design we do not book around the clock. We believe that it is impossible to fit creative people and creative processes into neat back-to-back time blocks. By using great tools and knowing them intimately, we are able to provide an enjoyable recording experience with a minimum of equipment related obstacles.



CedarHouse Sound and Mastering

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